Let's Start your Creative Journey

Your Checklist to Success

Who is the creative request targeting? This could be a larger customer segment or specific demographic.

You can send us links to existing collateral that is available on your website or file sharing services. Additionally, if you have files for these materials, feel free to upload them using the “Upload Attachments” portion of this form. These links or files will prove very useful when it comes to keeping materials relevant, consistent, and credible.

How will you measure the success of your project. This should be something that is tenable to calculate for return on investment (ROI) analysis. It could be to increase signups to your newsletter by 25% per month, or get 50 new purchases on a product you sell in 90 days, or simply increase traffic to your website in X amount of days. This goal should be quantifiable and time-based.

Sending us your likes and dislikes will help to better align our creative production to your preferred visual communication style. Without these, we must start with a blank slate and it may take more time to get you materials that speak to your preferences. If you don’t have very specific sample materials that you can include, general direction is also preferred to nothing at all.

Sometimes it is best to start with the end in mind. By forcing yourself to consider what actions you’d like your audience to take, you can cut out the extra noise and hone in on the stronger, more pertinent messaging.

As far as your creative request is concerned, the C2A is of utmost importance. If well crafted, it can make the difference between an unopened email or an opened email, a 20% increase in clickthrough or a 40% increase, and so forth. Spend some time on this portion working with your marketing teams and identifying messaging that takes your customer segment’s pain points into consideration and addresses them head on.

Consult with your legal department or regulatory affairs for any legal footnotes that must accompany your messaging. Additionally, if you’re concerned about credibility, include references or citations to back up any of your claims being made. Even if you aren’t concerned about credibility, this can build your brand’s trustworthiness in the eyes of your consumers.