Consumer Ebook Design and Illustration


Sharon Fiocca


Digital Illustrations

Other Skills:

Art Direction


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

Creating Ebooks for Today's Entrepreneurs

A retired speech therapist was excited to transition her unique teaching modalities from real-world practice into an illustrated children’s book. This was a lifelong project that she and her sister had been working on. The goal was to help children with learning deficiencies learn to understand phonics, publish the ebook, and create an online presence. They were very enthusiastic about the project and were delightful to work with from start to finish. Considering all the effort they put into the book–with the author developing her methods and her sister providing the initial pencil sketches–it was imperative that it be received well by the target audience. The grayscale sketches were first developed into full-color digital illustrations using batches, and each iterative batch was thoroughly reviewed and edited. After each illustration was approved and represented, the cover was then put together based on their likes and dislikes of current materials in the market. Finally, the book was published using mybowker services to get a self-published ISBN and barcode, then listed with Amazon. The project was an utter joy to work on and brought back memories of artistic endeavors from earlier years.