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Redesigning Corporate Presentations Using Simplicity as a Guide

Rhybus came to us to redesign a couple of their frequently used presentations based upon some conceptual design work we completed for general branding purposes. The project required taking 2 pre-existing Microsoft Powerpoint presentations and applying the same look and feel we previously established. Although the old designs had a high potential of accompanying each other when being sent to clients, they both looked too different. The approach here was to try and simplify: simplify the copywriting throughout to encourage easier comprehension, and also to simplify the look into striking, similar designs. The results were achieved using a consistent graphical frame that represented the marketplace, and a golden ratio grid. The custom graphics and iconography emphasized movement and color to allow the slides to feel young, exuberant, and happy. Layering of elements, such as the iMac sitting in front of the graphical frame, also provided a sense of depth to an otherwise simple design. In the end, both presentation decks were a hit and mentioned as “clean” and “user friendly.”