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Other Skills:

Digital photography
Art Direction


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Designs That Grab Attention and Foster Learning

Product brochures are the bread and butter of many corporations. Although as of late, the demand for printing is somewhat depressed due to the majority of traffic by way of online communication channels. But that doesn’t keep the majority of businesses from needing professionally designed collateral. Besides, most brochures can be displayed in digital formats too, so in the end they work well for a wide variety of sales and marketing purposes. For these particular double-sided brochures, the need was to build collateral to support a product launch. The materials required glamour shots of the devices on green or blue screen that could then be cut-out and repurposed, functional product photography of the device features/buttons, an aesthetically pleasing grid layout, an icon table representing the appropriate clinical settings for product use, and some copywriting with homonym based headlines. These layouts represented a new visual direction for our company and were very well-received. In fact, the executive team verbally remarked how polished our new collateral was and that they displayed exceptionally well against the competition.