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Information Architecture
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Adobe Photoshop
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Like a Fresh New Suit for Your Business

Corporate web sites are ubiquitous. They’re everywhere and they always need updating. So when asked to redesign one from a previous Drupal installation it came as no surprise. The Drupal site was not the most intuitive to administer and the design was a bit dated. The project required a fresh look and a good eye for detail. There’re many steps to go through a successful redesign. Perhaps the most important start is to audit where you’re at. Get all the content cataloged, get some voice of customer, and see where you’ve been. Then begin to approach the new narrative: who you’re speaking to or want to speak to, what to say, and what tone to use. Next you can start to develop your content and sometimes concurrently, you can flesh out the site. This project required a great amount of information to be curated, repackaged, and signed off by multiple stakeholders. In the end, the project was built using WordPress and a theme called “Avada.” Everything was fully custom, including a supply ordering portal. The design required multiple review stages yet launched on time and on budget.