Job Placement Web Site


Evolution Partners, LLC


Web Design
Production Web Site
Promotional Banners
Email Design

Other Skills:

Information Architecture
User Interface Design
Front End Web Development
Quality Assurance
Usability Testing
SEO keywords
SEO on-page


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Complex Ideas Need Proper Planning

Planning sector disruption takes a lot of planning and forethought. This project was a perfect example. It planned to introduce a new web presence to job recruiting and search. The initial pre-launch web site provided a video introduction from the top of each web page and was modeled to prioritize new sign ups for the site. Email designs were created for a promotional email blast and system automation. Advertising banners were created to drive sign ups. The web site required a multipage sitemap, custom UI, and defining customizable parameters for both the application and the user-segmentation. In order to get all stakeholders on the same page, there were multiple whiteboard meetings to determine the flow and logic of the site. Finally, during production the site was reviewed with use case scenarios to provide both usability testing and quality assurance. In the end, when creating a site that is very dynamic, I always recommend spending the majority of your time in the information architecture phase.